I would like to express my gratitude to Alastair & his exceptional team for their exemplary professionalism.  Thank you for having given me the opportunity to work onboard the Island Innovator and I wish Ogenus Offshore all the very best for the future. – David Novello Mechanic

“I have been cooperating with Ogenus offshore for 1.5 years. I would like to note the high professionalism of the crewing department and express my gratitude. The crewing department is in touch 24/7 and promptly resolves rarely encountered difficulties or questions. In my career, this is the first crewing company whose employees take great care of the seafarers, constantly contact and ask how the seafarer got on the vessel, whether everything was okay with check-in at the hotel, whether managed to got a flight. All these factors have a positive impact on the seafarer’s productive performance and further cooperation between the seafarer and the crewing agency. For me it’s a pleasure to work with Ogenus Offshore team.” – Ruslan Lyashchenko 2nd Engineer

Deep Appreciation for Ogenus Offshore
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ogenus Offshore, with special recognition for the invaluable contributions of Giannis Gerazounis.
Throughout the employment journey, Ogenus Offshore has consistently demonstrated unwavering professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, & an unparalleled commitment to excellence. Their personalised approach & timely communication have not only streamlined the hiring process but have also set the stage for a seamless & efficient experience for us.
Giannis Gerazounis, serving as our primary point of contact, has been instrumental not only in recruitment but also in providing continuous support during the contract & post-contract phases. His ability to understand & address our specific needs has been remarkable. Giannis’s professional demeanor, coupled with genuine courtesy & understanding, has significantly enhanced our overall experience.
Our gratitude extends to Giannis Gerazounis & the entire Ogenus Offshore team for consistently delivering exceptional support. Collaborating with professionals who prioritise seafarer satisfaction & consistently go the extra mile is truly commendable. This commitment has not only made our employment journey rewarding but has also cultivated a long-lasting & mutually beneficial partnership.
As we reflect on our collaboration, we appreciate the partnership that transcends conventional boundaries in recruitment & human resources. Ogenus Offshore & Giannis Gerazounis have set a benchmark for excellence through their forward-thinking approach & genuine commitment to understanding & meeting our evolving needs.
In conclusion, we express our deep gratitude to Ogenus Offshore for their unwavering dedication, transforming what could have been a routine business transaction into a collaborative & transformative experience. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of this journey, marked by growth, success, & shared accomplishments.
Warm regards,
Horizon Enabler Crew – Max Myelyeshko, Piotr Klimkiewicz, Alexander Mytov, Andrii Petrov, Valerii Pylypchak, Konstantins Gerascenko, Maksym Glumov, Dordo Mihalic

2 Replies to “Reviews”

  1. David Simpson says:

    I have been working for Ogenus for 2 years now, they are truly one of the best in the industry.
    I have known Alastair for many years now and it is great to see his company grow year on year through his teams drive and passion to succeed. When you work for Ogenus you really feel like part of the family which I feel differentiates Ogenus from other companies in this sector.
    Special thanks to Katerina, Giannis and of course Alastair for all your support and professionalism over the last 2 years it has been a pleasure to be part of the Ogenus family.

  2. Christoforos Karadimas says:

    We recently collaborated with OGENUS OFFSHORE for our hiring needs and were thoroughly impressed with their exceptional service. Their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and quickly identified candidates that perfectly matched our requirements. Thanks to their expertise, we successfully hired two highly qualified professionals who are now invaluable members of our team. Their efficient and personalized approach made the entire recruitment process seamless and effective. We highly recommend OGENUS for any company looking to augment their team with top talent.


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