About us

Ogenus Offshore is a Oil and Gas and Energy specialist in Recruitment/Manpower and project services.

Ogenus Offshore is the ONLY Oil and Gas and Energy specialist HR/Recruitment company in Athens, Greece and has a proven track record of delivering our expertise to customers both in Greece and on a global scale as well as in Greece we also located in Scotland.

Our interest and passion and what our company was founded upon is to help people globally develop their careers and support them and our offshore teams around the world by providing the best opportunities and support to them as they work on the various ships and drilling units of our clients.

At the same time due to our commitment to the local community in Athens we wanted to build a great company and team where we can develop our own people in our office and help them progress their careers who at the same time can help give the opportunities and support to the offshore teams so we have the mindset of working together as a community to develop and progress the industry as a whole.